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Snowman Decorating Contest

Help populate our Snowman Village with a snowman you design and decorate! We have 4' wooden snowmen boards cut out and painted white, ready for you to bring to life! Each snowman is $25 and proceeds go to next year's Tree Lighting event. They can be picked up at KKeegan Realty - 290 Center St., Pembroke.


Completed snowmen can be dropped off at Pembroke Historical Society's Museum Building (116 Center Street) on Friday, December 1st between 9am and 4pm or on Saturday, December 2nd between 11:00am and 11:30am. All Snowmen must be to Pembroke Historical Society's Museum Building no later 11:30am on December 2nd for installation. Judging will be done by a 3-person committee and winners will be contacted by December 3rd with a photo of the winning snowman posted on Facebook.


Snowmen will be installed the day of the tree lighting and removed on December 31st. Please plan to pick yours up around the 31st!

Tips, Tricks and Family-Friendly Rules

  • Some snowman come primed some do not – if they’re white they’re primed.

  • The snowmen are displayed at the Tree Lighting event by securing them from the back to a stake using heavy-duty screws so we recommend decorating just one side. Anything on the "back" of the snowman may have to be screwed through. Clothing and paint can be on the back but anything that crosses the mid-line (like arms) makes staking difficult.

  • Snowman will be displayed outside for the month of December and subject to weather! Acrylic paint with a sealer top coat works best in the elements. (In our experience, spray sealer works better than the brushed.)

  • Avoid using paper, if you can.

  • Avoid duct tape or any kind of tape when adhering decorations. We had good results with 6,000 Glue (available at Michaels, etc.)


  • No political or provocative decorations please. The committee reserves the right to not display a snowman.

  • Please keep the decorations light, happy, family friendly, and in the spirit of the event.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! We can’t wait to see your creations and we look forward to building our Snowman Village!

Last year's winning entries!

Pancake Snowman

the Nihill Family


Marcus McGunnigal


by Declan Kelly

 | 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Saturday, December 2


Town Memorial Park, between Center and Curve Streets

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